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>You may have noticed by now that much of what looked great on paper turns
>out to have some severe problems when you begin tallying up the practical
>considerations of each design element.

        Oh yes. Theory and practice don't always match up.

>It's less of a problem than you might think. The Earth and Moon are
>gravity wells that literally pull rocks out of the sky. A colony is just
>another rock, minding its own business. The odds of two rocks running into
>each other is vanishingly small.

        Since the colonies are at Lagrange points, won't the rocks gather
around these areas be a problem? But then again, if the rocks are travelling
at sufficient speeds to threaten a cylinder, it's probably going to move out
of the Lagrange point and get pulled to the Earth or the Moon.

        Speaking of which, was the Correigador (sp?) Shoal region at a
Lagrange point?

>The farmsats WANT the solar radiation, all they can get. They deal with
>surplus by polarizing the glass, which is already near opaque to ultraviolet.

        I didn't mean light, though I can understand the confusion. =)

        I meant the solar radiation that can cause mutations within the food
or livestocks within the farmsats. Since the farmsat doesn't have an ozone
layer to deal with it, and it doesn't seem to have the mass to shield itself
from it, how does the farmsat avoid the problem?

        (Granted, the mutations may be harmless, but the chance of something
going wrong cannot be simply ignored, plus the fact that the workers may
also be exposed to high levels of radiation too..)

>The first step to a colony of any size was the solar power station satellite,
>which was what O'Neill was really trying to sell.

        Forgive me, but I take it that O'Neill wasn't a good salesman and
the idea failed to take off totally?

>Imagine if the space shuttle had been developed as a shuttle to
>geosynchronous orbit, not low Earth orbit.

        One small step at a time..

        In your opinion, how long will it be before we actually can call the
habitats up there as colonies?

>A sphere would be best only if you

        Uhm.. the rest of your mail got cut off at this point..

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