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        Other listees should have beaten me to posting, but I will be damned
if I didn't post something about this event.. =)

        Mr. Tomino, in town as a guest in an anime fest starting tomorrow,
graciously made a short appearance at Singapore's Kinokuniya this evening.
The bald man of 60 gave a fifteen minute interview for a crowd of about 200,
followed by the inevitable autograph session.

        In the interview, Mr. Tomino emphasized that the reason why he came
back after 20 years to make Turn A Gundam was because he was unhappy with
the way Gundam has shifted its focus from human relationships to the mecha.
He designed Turn A to go back to its roots, one of simplicity as well as to
focus on the humans instead.

        He further mentioned that initially, Gundam was aimed at the female
crowd, but in recent years a masculine quality and crowd has entered the
various Gundam series. It was also partly in response to this that Mr.
Tomino worked on Turn A Gundam.

        In response to the question "Which is your favourite Mobile Suit?",
Mr. Tomino first said "None.", followed by the qualifier that his favourite
Mobile Suit is the next Mobile Suit that he designed. It was my impression
that the question should have been which was Mr. Tomino's favourite
character, given his human focus in various Gundam shows.

        When asked about the future of Gundam, Mr. Tomino replied that he
was no longer able to keep up with the demands of making Gundam that were TV
series length. However, when pressed as to his vision of Gundam in the next
20 years, he replied that he did Gundam series in a 20-year cycle; as such,
if he is still alive in 20 years, he would like to do something again for

        That ended the interview session, and he got down to the business of
autographing. I got his signature for a friend, and took the opportunity to
thank him for 20 years of Gundam. He thanked me, and promised to strive harder.

        (FYI, the local anime club apparantly sent some representatives,
offically or unofficially I have no idea. But I think the reps turned up
with a Gundam head, beam rifle and shield. =)

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