John Tay (
Fri, 9 Jun 2000 08:53:44 -0700 (PDT)


I was there too, left "empty-handed" without the
autograph. Very disappointed & angry with that book

In think the delay is caused by the staffs there being
not able to manage an organised queue so that those
with coupons will get autographed faster and that
those long-time fans will get a chance.

I certainly don't agree to that we must purchase
something from the chain to have the "autograph
coupon". They don;t have some of the fans' needs like
Model Kits, VCD/DVD, Poster etc.

I saw the queue was not that horribly long, if the
management did a good job in organising the queue,
everyone will be happy to have the autograph. I think
a lot of people got their autograph & wanted to pose
with him for a picture or two, thus slowing down the

Overall, i'm glad to meet him the person himeself here
in Singapore..that's the only consolation i can get
apart from the autograph.

--- Sir Loin of Beef <> wrote:
> Yoshiyuki Tomino's appearance today in a local
> bookstore chain which I shall
> not name has just ended. It was supposed to be a
> drawing demonstration and
> autograph session but apparently something happened
> and it became a 4 or
> 5-question-and-answer session with autographing.
> My comments?
> Very poor organization.
> Anyone who wanted his autograph had to make a
> purchase of a Gundam book
> today and get a 'redemption coupon' good for 1
> autograph. The choice of
> books available were some by Rapport Deluxe, Gundam
> Biblios, the Amuro,
> Char, White Base, Angels series, Gundam Episode
> Guides, Gundam Century
> Renewal, CCA manga and the Endless Waltz mook(with
> all the model kit photos
> and film comic).
> What about all those long-time fans who had other
> books they wanted
> autographed? I personally brought down my OOP Bandai
> Press MS Encyclopedia
> Book 1 and 2 and didn't want to fall prey to the
> merchandising stunt. As a
> result I didn't get an autograph.
> I also noticed some others who brought stuff like
> the Gundam Memorial Box, a
> Perfect Grade Z Gundam model kit, and MSiA figures
> for autographing, They
> went away empty-handed too.
> The notice about the coupons came up just hours
> before the actual event and
> was said to be limited to 30. However as the event
> started I noticed coupons
> with numbers 48 and up. As a result in the
> autograph queue those without
> coupons were pushed further and further back and
> eventually after all 50+
> couponholders were finished he left.
> The staffs reasoning for the purchase to be made
> today was that they wanted
> the customers to bring Gundam-related books for
> autographing. They must
> think we're morons or something.. Why then did their
> choice of books include
> Endless Waltz, which wasn't by Tomino?
> Well, that's all for my ranting.
> I brought my videocam along and hope to be posting
> some photos and a
> transcript of his dialogue session within the next
> few days. I know there
> were some other guys who brought their digital
> cameras on this list. If you
> have any photos to contribute to the page do write
> to me.
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