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Subject: [gundam] More on MG-GP-02, plus some MG rants

> Dear List:
> Thanks for the helpful suggestion on using glue (I used paint instead...)
> strengthen the joint, now the arm can hold onto the shield without being
> away from the socket. My GP-02 is now posed in a menacing stance with a
> saber drawn facing my GP-01a right next to my computer!
> I am actually pretty happy with my GP-01a and GP-02 kits, I didn't find
> flimsiness of GP-01a to be too much of a problem since I don't do not
> the core fighter from the body regularly. What I do not like about the
> though, is the beam saber holder, I prefer one that is fixed stably to the
> backpack rather than the loose "flapping" one on the kit.

I finished my GP01Fb about 2 weeks ago. And my problem is that the left arm
keeps dropping from holding the gosh darn shield, too heavy for it I
guess..... The other problem with it is that the chest vents keeps coming
loose, and I haven't even removed the core fighter or attempted to repose
him. I'm getting a tired of putting things back into place for this guy, I
just might start slapping some glue down. :-(

> What bugs me most of all about the GP-02 is that it is impossible to make
> good pose with the nuclear cannon. The poorly designed "joint" the
> the back end of the cannon to the right arm severe restrict the movement,
> it hard to even pull the "sight" in front of the eye. The handle and
> are too close to the back end and the right arm is thus unable to maintain
> good solid grip to the cannon. All that aside, I still find the GP-02
> looking with that huge-ass shield. The legs and feet look really neat and
> unique, plus the big rocket boosters on the side of each arm are way cool.
> green beam saber is also quite unusual for an MG Gundam, I don't think
there are
> any other MGs out there that has a green beam saber. Though I think I
have a
> couple of 1:60 kits back in L.A. that has green beam sabers.
> On the subject of shield, why does it seem that NONE of the MG models
> the Gelgoogs) are able to maintain a half-way good looking pose while
> onto their shield? I think Bandai should go for a lighter weighing
plastic for
> the shields or make them thinner.
> I built the MG Alex last week and was left largely unimpressed with the
> after hearing so much praise (undeserved) garnered on this kit. I don't
> about others, but my Alex was made from some very cheap looking plastic,
> opposed to the cool glossy plastic on most other MG kits. The joints
> the legs especially) are all very loose, the armor made the Gundam looked
> silly and clumsy. I didn't like the soft plastic thing are wrapped around
> should joints either, but the worst has got to be the screws for the joint
> itself. I've already had to suffer through all those screws for my PG
> earlier last month and was annoyed when I see that screws are required for
> The parts for the joints are much smaller than the PG, so I've had quite a
> tightening the screw and making sure it went in the hole straight (which
it of
> course didn't quiet make it in straight...). Bandai really should provide
> that require screws parts that has grooves in the holes to make our lives
> easier. I really didn't have much fun building the Alex and wouldn't
> it to others as highly as some of our other esteemed listers. I do like
> funky looking beam saber though.
> I also finished building the Titan version of the Mk-II yesterday, the
> shield is pretty cool, but what's the deal with the wiry tubes that we
have to
> cut up and insert into the legs and back pack? I hated those!! They look
> and stick out like a sore thumb! Those feet are also ugly, with the 2
> right about each foot in particular. It also has the flimsy beam saber
> like the GP-01 which I dislike. Plus the stickers for the eyes just do
not look
> right. That thing around the head looked absolutely ridiculous, the
> holder right above the ass and holes for holder the cannon pack and the
> are also very loose. It's not all bad, I really like the way the arms are
> for this kit and the model is pretty tall when place next to the Alex. I
> going to buy a super-Gundam, but now I am no longer in such a rush to get
> kit.

You should try using metal springs, kinda like the ones for the Zakus. Gus
and I used those instead, and they were great. You didn't have to worry
about them fraying at the ends. Other than the feet (odd-looking), I got no
other complaints about this kit. :-)

> My last complaint is on the length of the beam saber of the RX-78-2 MG
> putting it next to the newer Gundams like the GP's and Alex make it's beam
> look really puny since the beam blades are so short when compared to the

I got no problem with it, I chose to pose mine with the beam rifle and
shield instead - pretty sturdy.

> The best MG kit to date is still the DOM in my opinion. I've built 3
> DOMs and starting on 2 Rick-DOMs. Incredible posability with individually
> moving fingers, cool looking cross shaped eye, awesome long "heat" sword.
> love it if Bandai make the desert variant of the DOMs.
> Michael
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