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>> >>Very cool looking stuff!!!!
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>> >what's an .asf file? Can I play it on my mac?
>> Active Streaming Format -- what Microsoft used to call NetShow and now
>> calls Windows Media Technology.
>> It's not platform specific. Just as you can get QuickTime for Windows,
>> can get Windows Media Player for Macintosh.
>Keep in mind the mac version of WMP (or is that wimp?) is just a beta. The
>abilities of the software are not equal between platforms.

Keep in mind that the latest Windows version of WMP is also "just a beta"
and that the abilities of the two betas are comparable.

The Mac WMP beta player is actually better than the current Windows release
and about on par with the current QuickTime for Windows release.

And they're all trying to be RealPlayer and WinAmp combined.


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