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Thu, 8 Jun 2000 18:30:47 -0700 (PDT)

Dear List:

Thanks for the helpful suggestion on using glue (I used paint instead...) to
strengthen the joint, now the arm can hold onto the shield without being torn
away from the socket. My GP-02 is now posed in a menacing stance with a beam
saber drawn facing my GP-01a right next to my computer!

I am actually pretty happy with my GP-01a and GP-02 kits, I didn't find the
flimsiness of GP-01a to be too much of a problem since I don't do not remove
the core fighter from the body regularly. What I do not like about the kit
though, is the beam saber holder, I prefer one that is fixed stably to the
backpack rather than the loose "flapping" one on the kit.

What bugs me most of all about the GP-02 is that it is impossible to make a
good pose with the nuclear cannon. The poorly designed "joint" the connects
the back end of the cannon to the right arm severe restrict the movement, making
it hard to even pull the "sight" in front of the eye. The handle and trigger
are too close to the back end and the right arm is thus unable to maintain a
good solid grip to the cannon. All that aside, I still find the GP-02 cool
looking with that huge-ass shield. The legs and feet look really neat and
unique, plus the big rocket boosters on the side of each arm are way cool. The
green beam saber is also quite unusual for an MG Gundam, I don't think there are
any other MGs out there that has a green beam saber. Though I think I have a
couple of 1:60 kits back in L.A. that has green beam sabers.

On the subject of shield, why does it seem that NONE of the MG models (except
the Gelgoogs) are able to maintain a half-way good looking pose while holding
onto their shield? I think Bandai should go for a lighter weighing plastic for
the shields or make them thinner.

I built the MG Alex last week and was left largely unimpressed with the kit
after hearing so much praise (undeserved) garnered on this kit. I don't know
about others, but my Alex was made from some very cheap looking plastic, as
opposed to the cool glossy plastic on most other MG kits. The joints (with
the legs especially) are all very loose, the armor made the Gundam looked very
silly and clumsy. I didn't like the soft plastic thing are wrapped around the
should joints either, but the worst has got to be the screws for the joint
itself. I've already had to suffer through all those screws for my PG Zaku
earlier last month and was annoyed when I see that screws are required for MG.
The parts for the joints are much smaller than the PG, so I've had quite a time
tightening the screw and making sure it went in the hole straight (which it of
course didn't quiet make it in straight...). Bandai really should provide kits
that require screws parts that has grooves in the holes to make our lives
easier. I really didn't have much fun building the Alex and wouldn't recommend
it to others as highly as some of our other esteemed listers. I do like the
funky looking beam saber though.

I also finished building the Titan version of the Mk-II yesterday, the sliding
shield is pretty cool, but what's the deal with the wiry tubes that we have to
cut up and insert into the legs and back pack? I hated those!! They look bad
and stick out like a sore thumb! Those feet are also ugly, with the 2 tubes
right about each foot in particular. It also has the flimsy beam saber holder
like the GP-01 which I dislike. Plus the stickers for the eyes just do not look
right. That thing around the head looked absolutely ridiculous, the cannon
holder right above the ass and holes for holder the cannon pack and the rifle
are also very loose. It's not all bad, I really like the way the arms are made
for this kit and the model is pretty tall when place next to the Alex. I was
going to buy a super-Gundam, but now I am no longer in such a rush to get the

My last complaint is on the length of the beam saber of the RX-78-2 MG kit,
putting it next to the newer Gundams like the GP's and Alex make it's beam saber
look really puny since the beam blades are so short when compared to the others.

The best MG kit to date is still the DOM in my opinion. I've built 3 MS-09
DOMs and starting on 2 Rick-DOMs. Incredible posability with individually
moving fingers, cool looking cross shaped eye, awesome long "heat" sword. I'd
love it if Bandai make the desert variant of the DOMs.


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