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Thank you very much! I think I will use the MAF. Thanks, Simmons-sama!

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>M. R. Hannibal writes,
> > I am writing a short story involving a 110-year old former Zeon's
> > rememberances (my character served with Shin Matsunaga and Roy
> > was there at the destruction of the Asparas III, and was with Delaz
> > Operation Stardust) But I need your help on something. Do you know if
> > Oldsmobile Army were the VERY last remnant of the OYW era, and is there
> > good info on Matsunaga and Greenwood out there? Thanks to anyone out
> > who can help me with this.
> Hm. Well, the Oldsmobile Army appears in Gundam F90 (circa UC 0120) and
>again in the Formula Wars video game (UC 0122). But the last legacy of the
>Zeons is in Silhouette Formula 91 (UC 0123), where the heroes discover a
>colony in the uncharted Zebra Zone inhabited by survivors of Char's Neo
>Zeon, who've dropped out of regular society and formed their own commune.
>18-year old Layla, the pilot of one of the colony's remaining sentry Geara
>Dogas, is a second-generation descendant of this lost colony of Neo Zeon
> Unlike the Oldsmobile Army, though, these Neo Zeon remnants aren't
>concerned with fighting the Federation - they just want to be left alone.
>They were apparently driven into hiding by the brutal purges of the early
> The last living remnant of the One Year War era is probably Crossbone
>Gundam's "Grandpa Omon," the CV's oldest pilot, who claims to have been a
>Ball ace during the war(!). This is in UC 0133, 54 years after the war, so
>he must be 75-80 at this point.
>As for Matsunaga and Greenwood, try these profiles for starters; I'd be
>happy to field follow-up questions...
> <http://www.gundamproject.com/chara/msv_matsunaga.html>
> <http://www.gundamproject.com/chara/msv_greenwood.html>
> Note that it would be unlikely (but not impossible) for a single
>career to span all the scenarios you cited. Greenwood started out in
>Kishiria's Mobile Assault Force, and was then transferred to Africa as part
>of the newly-formed Earth Attack Force; Matsunaga was part of Dozul's Space
>Attack Force. Both pilots fought in Operation British at the start of the
>war, and one comic indicates that Matsunaga was temporarily sent to Earth
>part of the initial invasion (albeit in North America), but otherwise their
>careers didn't overlap.
> As for the secret Tibetan base where the Apsaras was developed, I reckon
>it falls under the purview of Zeon's Eurasian forces (the 1st Terrestrial
>Mobile Division, if memory serves). Ginias's task was supposedly given to
>him by Degin himself, so I have no idea where he fits organizationally.
> Fortunately, it's possible for just about any Zeon soldier to end up
>the Delaz Fleet; survivors from Solomon (like Gato) ended up at A Bao A Qu,
>and Delaz's next stop was Granada, where all Kishiria's forces and lots of
>escapees from Earth were gathered.
> If you're looking for the optimum amount of flexibility, I'd suggest
>having your character be part of the Mobile Assault Force, allowing him to
>fight at Operation British and Ruum, then be sent to Earth, and then end up
>back in space at the end of the war.
>-- Mark
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