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M. R. Hannibal writes,

> I am writing a short story involving a 110-year old former Zeon's
> rememberances (my character served with Shin Matsunaga and Roy Greenwood,
> was there at the destruction of the Asparas III, and was with Delaz during
> Operation Stardust) But I need your help on something. Do you know if the
> Oldsmobile Army were the VERY last remnant of the OYW era, and is there any
> good info on Matsunaga and Greenwood out there? Thanks to anyone out there
> who can help me with this.

  Hm. Well, the Oldsmobile Army appears in Gundam F90 (circa UC 0120) and
again in the Formula Wars video game (UC 0122). But the last legacy of the
Zeons is in Silhouette Formula 91 (UC 0123), where the heroes discover a
colony in the uncharted Zebra Zone inhabited by survivors of Char's Neo
Zeon, who've dropped out of regular society and formed their own commune.
18-year old Layla, the pilot of one of the colony's remaining sentry Geara
Dogas, is a second-generation descendant of this lost colony of Neo Zeon

  Unlike the Oldsmobile Army, though, these Neo Zeon remnants aren't
concerned with fighting the Federation - they just want to be left alone.
They were apparently driven into hiding by the brutal purges of the early UC

  The last living remnant of the One Year War era is probably Crossbone
Gundam's "Grandpa Omon," the CV's oldest pilot, who claims to have been a
Ball ace during the war(!). This is in UC 0133, 54 years after the war, so
he must be 75-80 at this point.

As for Matsunaga and Greenwood, try these profiles for starters; I'd be
happy to field follow-up questions...


  Note that it would be unlikely (but not impossible) for a single soldier's
career to span all the scenarios you cited. Greenwood started out in
Kishiria's Mobile Assault Force, and was then transferred to Africa as part
of the newly-formed Earth Attack Force; Matsunaga was part of Dozul's Space
Attack Force. Both pilots fought in Operation British at the start of the
war, and one comic indicates that Matsunaga was temporarily sent to Earth as
part of the initial invasion (albeit in North America), but otherwise their
careers didn't overlap.

  As for the secret Tibetan base where the Apsaras was developed, I reckon
it falls under the purview of Zeon's Eurasian forces (the 1st Terrestrial
Mobile Division, if memory serves). Ginias's task was supposedly given to
him by Degin himself, so I have no idea where he fits organizationally.

  Fortunately, it's possible for just about any Zeon soldier to end up with
the Delaz Fleet; survivors from Solomon (like Gato) ended up at A Bao A Qu,
and Delaz's next stop was Granada, where all Kishiria's forces and lots of
escapees from Earth were gathered.

  If you're looking for the optimum amount of flexibility, I'd suggest
having your character be part of the Mobile Assault Force, allowing him to
fight at Operation British and Ruum, then be sent to Earth, and then end up
back in space at the end of the war.

-- Mark

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