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>In zero gee? Not very healthy. On the other hand, if they work in 5 to 10
>gees, as they might if the farmsat ring is spun at the same rate as the
>colony proper, then maybe it all balances out.

        Sorry -- misunderstanding. I meant to say they would stay somewhere
near transportation to the farmsats.

>In any case, living at the hub still puts you 32 km (20 miles) from the
>nearest farm, where one of the three connectings tube intersects the

        The distances seems quite great, and I'm guessing that there would
be habitation areas within the farmsat, if the farmsat is not rotating in
sync with the cylinder.

        I certainly won't want to commute 30++ km just to look at a bunch of
chickens everyday! =)

>That's just to get the little piggy to market at the first hot dog
>stand. Add another 32 km (20 miles) to get to the other endcap -- 83.25 km
>(52 miles) in all.

        That's a loooong looong way for a piggy to travel..

        Given that the colonist wanted to keep most industries outside of
the cylinder proper, is it logical to assume that things like abattoirs and
food processing plants would also be outside of the cylinder?

        It seems almost magical that they can fit so many industries into 72
farmsats... =) Or maybe the outer hull of the cylinder proper is dotted with
these industries, but it seems a trifle dangerous, what with micro-meteorite
impacts and solar radiation.

        How would a farmsat deal with such threats anyway? The cylinder
proper is shielded by the outer shell, along with (IIRC) the idea that water
might be kept between the hulls of the cylinder. But the farmsats are a bit
small for this treatment, right?

>It doesn't have to be a cylinder. It can be any of four shapes:
>cylindrical, dumbbell shaped, spherical, or toroidal.

        Right. Sorry about that, it's just that a cylinder-shaped colony
comes straight to mind..

>I think you might be able to support half a billion people it something
>that large.

        Is such a cylinder feasible? I mean, why are most of the Side
cylinders of 32km diameter and not larger, especially the Side 3.

>I'll consider it, but I've got to draw the line somewhere and that's pretty
>basic stuff.

        For you, maybe. For us newbies, not. =) We get a basic education in
physics here, but it's not really obvious how some things connect to another.

>Make it any longer than that and the Coriolis force at the
>equator will be enough to turn it into a sphere -- the hard way.


        So.. if we really want a big colony, would a sphere be the best shape?

>A cylinder 45 km (28 miles) long would have to be 9 km (5.6 miles) in
>diameter, but Tomino only specified an increase in length, not diameter.

        I don't recall him implying that the diameter remaining the same, so
it's possible that it will get bigger too.

        You want me to ask him tomorrow? =)

        (FORGET IT! =] Bad Idea #124482...)

>Fill a farmsat a meter deep in water and you'd increase the
>mass by about 1.3 million tonnes.

        Ouch. Heavy stuff, water. Guess I should have thought that through..

>The possibilities seem endless.

        Appropriate for a frontier that is, as yet, endless..

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