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Thu, 08 Jun 2000 11:08:04 -0700

Brett Jensen writes,

> Good old Animag... It was often inaccurate, but it always had alot of heart
> put into it.

  Actually, we were prepping "Animag Classic" - a revamped version of the
first issue, with all-new articles in place of the original stuff
(especially some material which was either made up or, um, borrowed heavily
from other sources) around the time the magazine ran out of steam. Still
have the new Gundam movie synopses and History of the Mobile Suit feature
sitting around, though it's all a bit obsolete now.

  On the plus side, the disintegration of Animag did spare me from having to
write a synopsis of Vampire Hunter D in rhyming verse, as promised in the
solicitation sheets. :-)

-- Mark

  P.S. Didja ever notice that, after we accidentally switched the pictures
of two Patlabor characters in our feature on the series, a certain other
anime mag switched the same two pics in their own Patlabor feature? Even
when Animag was inaccurate, it was _definitely_ inaccurate, dammit! <grin>

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