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I don't have any experience with this particular airbrush, so this advice
may or may not be useful. I will generally spray some thinner through the
brush to get the bulk of the paint out. Then I usually take it apart and
soak the tips and such in a little cup of thinner (I used mostly water based
paint, so this is often just water). Then scrub a bit with a toothbrush,
pipe cleaner, whatever tool gets the paint out of the parts. You MUST keep
your airbrush clean, or it will not work properly. If you get some dried on
paint that won't come off, you can use strong solvent (acetone or methyl
ethyl keytone, I use MEK because I have it handy for gluing) to remove dried

As far as thinning goes, the general rule is you want the paint to be about
the same consistency as milk. With the testors paints I use, this is
usually about 35-40% thinner for enamels, and 10-20% water for acrylics,
depending on the color and such. Usually thinner paints will give you a
smoother finish (spray in light coats, not heavy or it will run), and you
can get away with more thinner on darker colors (I usually spray white
almost straight out of the bottle, but thin black quite a bit).

Hope this helps!

Peter Savin

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Date: Thursday, June 08, 2000 4:06 AM
Subject: [gundam] how to clean airbrush & stuffs?

>I've got this top feed airbrush (Olympos 100B) & kinda
>do not know the actual procedure to clean it. Putting
>the cleaning solution into the container & spray as
>usual or do i have to take out all the parts? Any
>links that have that kind of guide or instruction?
>I'm using Gunze Mr Color for airbrushing. Do i have to
>thin them b4 i use & what's the proportions to use?
>And any kind of thinner will do?
>Any tips abt airbrush & paint would be greatly
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>> > I'm not bring anything for autographs as my Gundam
>> books
>> > are GunPla
>> > related. Will be bring a digital camera along
>> though.
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>> > Jorge
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