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Thu, 8 Jun 2000 02:07:54 -0700

>The GP02 kit is pretty good, but, like a lot of the Generation 0 line, it
>just doesn't look right without paint. Most of the kits in the line are
>molded with the intention that you will paint many of the details on a given
>panel. I started with #1 (RX-93) and worked my way up. The RX-93 and the
>Sazabi (#2) look ok with just panel lines, but the #3 kit (Jagd-Doga) looks
>horrible without paint.

That's because the first two waves of the SD G Generation Zero kits
are basically reissues of existing SD Gundam kits. While wave 1 were
reissues with some bonus parts/accessories, wave 2 (the G, F-9x and V
designs) were straight reissues without any bonus parts. Wave 1 had some
retooled designs, like the Alex NT-1 being retooled into the GM Custom.
IIRC the SD G Generation Zero Jagd-Doga was made from the Gyunei version.
That explains why some of them requires major paintjob.

The SD GP-02A, OTOH, was released as a new design under the BB Senshi series.
It doesn't have an entry number within the SD G Generation Zero series. I
thought it'd be more in line with the SD "MG" styled GP-01Fb and Zeta.
From what you wrote it sounded like it wasn't closely "MG" enough (mine's
still shrinkwrapped in box...).


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