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> But what of Seabrook, Xabine, the girl and the new guy? Do they
> survive the story?

You ask for it...

Zabine Chareux turn traitor when he realized that backing Berah Ronah
(Cicilia) was a mistake 10 years ago. His XM-X Crossbone Gundam X-2 did
battle with Seabrook's (who calls himself Kinkedo Nau) XM-X Crossbone Gundam
X-1, and X-1 was seriously damaged. Seabrook pioneer the stupendous beam
shield assisted re-entry in his damaged X-1 unit (he had no choice, he had
fallen into the gravity well), and was himself very seriously injured (lost
one eye and arm). SNRI somehow patch both him and his X-1 unit back
together in time for the final battle against the Jupiter Empire Ark ship.
Tobia Aronnax, who got the beamshieldless experimental X-3 unit (for a small
mobile suit, it has I-Field Barrier System on both arms) managed to took out
the final Divinidad that had managed to land on Earth, in the process
destroying the X-3. Seabrook and Zabine finished their duel, with Seabrook
destroy Zabin in his X-2. We should also mention that Jupiter Empire were
mostly battling Earth Federation during its failed attempt to launch
Divinidad to Earth, but was at last minutes assisted by colonial militias
(EFF is pretty regressed by at this junction) who realizes without Earth,
life will be very dull.

The end of story, having temporary stop the threat of Jupiter Empire,
Seabrook and Cicilia decided to retire on Earth, leaving the only
functioning Crossbone Gundam (X-1) to Tobia.

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