Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 7 Jun 2000 15:34:48 -0700

>there's the theory that char was indirectly
>responsible for the defeat of zeon's forces because of
>all the ace pilots he drags from other squads to form
>his very expensive (skill-wise) screen of
>cannon-fodder. (then again, char WAS out to nail zeon
>wasn't he?)
>kwistchin: what does char's piloting style reflect on
>char's true skill? if he didn't have all those ace
>pilot screens, would he have been as deadly and
>effective? how good is char, one on one, with no

Er... I don't recall Char hiding behind a screen of
aces in the original TV series. He had some wingmen
but most usually get blown away by Amuro's beam rifle
immediately. Char's gone up against Amuro one-on-one
most of the time and always lived for the next fight.

Which scenes/fights were you referring to?


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