Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 7 Jun 2000 12:37:29 -0700

>Having gotten into Gundam models just recently, I have to ask.... What
>crystal version fiasco????
>Jeff C

It was Bandai's first attempt at milking the molds of Master Grade kits
- they simply released the original trio (RX-78-2, MS-06S, and MS-06F/J)
in colored transparent parts and called them "Crystal Version for
Professional Use". If you've got the skills, you can do some wicked
mods and interior add-ons and make them really look good. But most people
don't and a snapped-together kit of these can look pretty lame. They weren't
selling too well and Bandai started including a bunch of those with each
new MG kit's release in the assortment case so they could get rid of it.
Finally Bandai just gave up and did colored plating variants instead.


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