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At 08:18 06/07/2000 MST, Blackeagle wrote:
>It's the bipedal one the UN used in SE Asia (NOT the wacky looking four
>legged tank). It's seen again later during the JSDF 'occupation' of Tokyo.

        Not too bad, but apparently they are pretty heavy labours. IIRC the
Mecha Press article correctly, they weren't very effective because they were
very slow.

>Even when they retcon various MS, they never seem the paint scheme. No
>matter how much extra detail is added or the proportions change a Zaku is
>allways greenm a Gouf is allways blue, etc.

        One thing about these paint schemes -- it makes it easy for
animators to keep track of which MS is where. It's the same theory with the
character's hair colour or hair stlye. If you notice, there is rarely two
characters within the same show that looks alike, unless they are obviously
related (siblings or twins).

        Back to the point, an alternative paint scheme can be nice for all
MSes. I mean, the Zaku II F/J's always been presented as green, except for
special MSes like the desert models. Why not have a white MS for arctic
work, or dark colours for covert ops and space ops, etc.

        Blue didn't make sense for Goufs, except for who's-that-fellow's
personal suit. The 08MST broke ground by making the H8 version a grey that
might be useful for camo while flying though.

        Which is why I like the MG G3 type. Nice flat grey that is a good
change from the famous Red/Blue/White of a Gundam.

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