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Roland Thigpen wrote:

Spoilers below:

> This empire become known as the Inspection Army (what you refer to as the Supervision Army).

I had always used to use "Inspection Army" too, but the Macross compendium calls it "Supervision army". I've also seen it translated as "Reconissance Forces". Supervision army makes sense if you consider that they are puppets of the Protodevlyn.

> In 2025, the Megaroad 13 arrived in the Varuta systema nd colonized it. 18 years later, a research team lead by Ivane Gyuntar accidently awoke Gepernich. Gepernich enslaved the colonists and formed the Varuta Empire, which was later defeated by the Macross 7 fleet after the destruction of the Macross 5 fleet.

> Anyways, much as I enjoy this, this is a Gundam mailing list, not Macross, so why don't we end this? I know some of the others are getting tired of it.

OK so that short animation at the end of one of the LDs depicts this doesn't it? I was always under the impression that Gepernich (or Geperniti depending on who you ask) was a male entity inhabiting a female host. not simply a freaky bishonen.And yes, Ivane Gyuntar was a man.

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