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Chris Maier asks,

>2-I like the idea of a Gundam designed for Jupiter's gravity. Has anybody
>thought of Gundams for use on planets other than Earth? I know there's a Mars
>Gundam that the Oldsmobile army has, but that's about it...

  And the Oldsmobile version isn't particularly specialized for Mars. I
guess Jupiter gets all the attention (c.f. the Crossbone Gundam, Messala,
even the Jamul Fin booster shown in the kit manual...)

>3-Are the Jupiter Empire's main suits supposed to take after the Zaku? They
>have the Mono-eye and everything...

  They have mono-eyes, but with an extra visor that gives them a
goggle-like appearance. The later models, in particular, have visors that
distinctly resemble the cats-eye sensors used by the Zanscare Empire. I
think this is supposed to be foreshadowing. ;-)

  Actually, the standard Batara mobile suit - with its eye sockets, mouth
vents, and chest tubes - is basically modeled on a skeleton. How
piratical! :-)

>5-I read somewhere that there were scenes cut from F91 featuring the Jupiter
>empire. Was that guy who sits in that fish tank appear in those cut scenes?

  Nope. The cut scenes would have shown the CV hijacking a Jupiter Energy
Fleet transport - the Thousandth Jupiter shown in the line art. The
captain brokers a deal between the Jupiter fleet and the CV, according to
which the Federation must leave Cosmo Babylonia alone or face an energy
embargo. (So, after wiping out the Federation fleet at Frontier I, the
Crossbone Vanguard return home in triumph at the end of F91.) The captain
and his wife can be seen in the audience at the CV's victory parade
midway through the movie.

Rodrick Su writes,

>>4-What ultimately happens? I don't know if I'll ever find the rest
>>of the manga, unless the guy at is going to post all
>>of it.
>The undying leader of the Jupiter Empire basically wants to repeat Char's
>little experiment, not out of a need to force Earthnoid into space. He just
>want to destroy Earth for revenge. To that end, they have build a very
>large transport ship and send it to Earth. There are 9 mobile armor
>Divynidad that carries nuclear missles and with the MA's very powerful
>reactors he planned to pollute Earth out of livability.

  Not revenge, actually, but something even more sinister.

  At first, the Jupiter Empire's motivation is supposed to be conquest;
after generations of hardship and deprivation out at the edge of the
solar system, where air and water are tightly rationed and death by
accident is a daily occurrence, they covet the natural abundance of
"mother Gaia."

  But in the last volumes, we find out Crux Dogachi's true agenda. He
doesn't want to steal Earth, he wants to destroy it; not to return it to
nature as Char did, but to blast it into a dead planet as barren and
lifeless as the moon. Then all humanity will live the harsh life of the
Jupiter colonists, utterly dependent on air and water rations and subject
to the total and absolute control of Dogachi himself.

-- Mark

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