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> >> Helldiver. The Brocken is pretty okay too, so long you paint it
> >>camo. I still like the Type Zero most. =)
> >Actually, the one I'm thinking of isn't the Helldiver. I don't know the
> >name, but the only time this one appeared was in the 2nd movie.
> Oh, which one is that? The one the JSDF were using in the
>Asian country (can't remember which..) or the remotes used in the tunnels?

It's the bipedal one the UN used in SE Asia (NOT the wacky looking four
legged tank). It's seen again later during the JSDF 'occupation' of Tokyo.

> (The 2nd movie is an excellent show...)
> >> Why stop here? Swap both shoulders into spiked shoulders. Use
> >>putty to shape curving horns on the center spike. Find some cabling to
>build a
> >>electro-rope. Voila! A MG prototype Gouf! (^_^)
> >Got to find the right shade of light blue paint tho.
> Never found a good reason why the Gouf has to be blue. =) Still,
>that shade of blue isn't that difficult, even if it is a bit off.

Even when they retcon various MS, they never seem the paint scheme. No
matter how much extra detail is added or the proportions change a Zaku is
allways greenm a Gouf is allways blue, etc. I think it'd be interesting for
them to change the paint schemes around a little bit. The 08MST would have
been an excellent chance for them to do this, but no dice.

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