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spoilers below

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000 07:13:10 -0700 (PDT) henwee <> wrote:
>i think the supervision army were the poor chaps who were
>under protodevilin control... and of course, they were at
>war with the protoculture's zentraedi army.
>thats why the zentraedi were chasing that gunship which we
>all came to know as the Macross.
>--- Brett Jensen <> wrote:
>> Chris Maier wrote:
>> > also like to know more about where the original Macross
>> came from in the
>> > first place.
>> The Macross was a Supervision army gunship. the
>> supervision army were the
>> enemies of the zentradi.
>> I'm not real up on the latter half of Macross 7, but I
>> think these are actually
>> the same guys as Geperniti and his/her buddies. hmmm...I
>> need to go to the
>> macross compendium, I haven't looked at it in a long
>> time.
>> ---Brett Jensen

Hopefully, that should be enough space.

Ok, it's been a while since I watched the final episodes of Macross 7, but from what I recall, you find that all of the pilots and troops that the Macross 7 fleet have been fighting against were once humans from the Megaroad 13 colony mission. The Protodevlin took them over, with some Protodevlin possessing some and brainwashing the others.

The Protodevlin (here I'm a bit hazy) were from an earlier period of history in which the Stellar Republic, faced with the possibility of civil war created a "super-Zentreadi" race in the Evil Series Project in the system that would later become known as Varuta. These beings were powered by energy from a sub-universe next to ours, but unfortunately the organs that allowed this transfer of power overloaded, and allowed a sentient life force from the sub-universe to enter ours. These life forces took over the Evil zentreadi and named themselves the Protodevlin. By the time the Stellar Republic had discovered what had happened, the Protodevlin controlled 30% of their territory. This empire become known as the Inspection Army (what you refer to as the Supervision Army). The Zentreadi had some trouble fighting these people as they were mostly made of brainwashed protoculture beings who the zentreadi were programmed not to interfere with. In the 9 months of the war, moer than 85% of!
 the protoculture beings in the galaxy were killed. The protocultures called Anime Spiritia eventually learned how to use spiritia energy against the protodevlin and sealed them in prisons around the galaxy. The 8 we see in Macross 7 were all sealed in prison on Varuta. However, this was too little, too late for the Stellar Republic and 25 years later, it was dissolved. The Zentreadi continued fighting the last remnants of the Inspection Army over the next 20,000 years eventually causing the extinction (as far as we know) of the protoculture race in the galaxy. And yes, the Macross was one of the final ships of the Inspection Army that Breetai had been ordered to destroy.

In 2025, the Megaroad 13 arrived in the Varuta systema nd colonized it. 18 years later, a research team lead by Ivane Gyuntar accidently awoke Gepernich. Gepernich enslaved the colonists and formed the Varuta Empire, which was later defeated by the Macross 7 fleet after the destruction of the Macross 5 fleet.

And yes, Ivane Gyuntar was a man.

Anyways, much as I enjoy this, this is a Gundam mailing list, not Macross, so why don't we end this? I know some of the others are getting tired of it.


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