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>From: Chris Maier
>I have the first volume of this, and I have a few questions about the
>story and mechs:

>1-On the jacket cover, the Crossbone X-1 has a black-colored chest.
>However, on the cover, it's your traditional red, white, blue and
>yellow. Which one is right?

The Black on White

>3-Are the Jupiter Empire's main suits supposed to take after the
>Zaku? They have the Mono-eye and everything...

Not mono-eye, but goggled eyes.

>4-What ultimately happens? I don't know if I'll ever find the rest
>of the manga, unless the guy at is going to post all
>of it.

The undying leader of the Jupiter Empire basically wants to repeat Char's
little experiment, not out of a need to force Earthnoid into space. He just
want to destroy Earth for revenge. To that end, they have build a very
large transport ship and send it to Earth. There are 9 mobile armor
Divynidad that carries nuclear missles and with the MA's very powerful
reactors he planned to pollute Earth out of livability.

>5-I read somewhere that there were scenes cut from F91 featuring
>the Jupiter empire. Was that guy who sits in that fish tank
>appear in those cut scenes?

Supposedly the backer of Crossbone Vanguard is Jupiter Empire.


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