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there's the theory that char was indirectly
responsible for the defeat of zeon's forces because of
all the ace pilots he drags from other squads to form
his very expensive (skill-wise) screen of
cannon-fodder. (then again, char WAS out to nail zeon
wasn't he?)

kwistchin: what does char's piloting style reflect on
char's true skill? if he didn't have all those ace
pilot screens, would he have been as deadly and
effective? how good is char, one on one, with no


> I forget which videogame it is, but There is a PS
> game that shows how the
> red comet destroyed all those battleships. He was
> literally going at full
> speed towards their bridges, reversing position,
> landing on the side of the
> bridge with his feet, firing the bazooka into the
> bridge (looking down,
> technically), then using the about to explode bridge
> as a jump-off point to
> the next ship, it was like a pingpong game with a
> red zaku as the ball.
> INCREDIBLE. And all this time, the other Zakus are
> giving him a defensive
> screen so he can pull of this maneuver. I think he
> even uses one as a
> shield against a cannon blast at one point. He is a
> very impressive and
> ballsy pilot.
> Then there is another clip which shows him using the
> sazabi and basically
> running rings around everybody else...but he seems
> to favor close-quarters
> combat. Which is unusual.
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