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>Well, I have some Haro animated GIF and SD Gundam icons that I could
>sprinkle around to lighten things up a bit. (^_^);

        Don't you think that might be a bit too offbeat? (^_^)

        However, a animated gif of Haro flying around a cylinder might be
very cute as your title pic. =) And not too difficult to do too..

>Seriously, I'm going to break a couple of sections into smaller chunks --
>no more than two screens max and 640 x 480 resolution -- when I find the

        That might be a very good idea. The main problems I have with the
page currently is the length of it -- there's a LOT of data, not easily
absorb in a single read -- and the font size. Font size 8 (or thereabouts)
is really a bit tiny for me...

>O'Neill was very fond of showing everyone living in idyllic suburban bliss
>in the Big Cylinder, with a few scenes of ROBOT harvesters overseen by guys
>in coveralls, so the impression is that people may work the farm but still
>live in the colony proper.

        Yeah, Riiiight. What did O'Neill think this is, Utopia? (^_^)

        While I don't think the farms need as many people as they do
nowadays, the mental image of a robot walking down an aisle and fetching
eggs from under chickens is a tad bit too ridiculous for me to keep a
straight face.

        The workers might not live on the farm, but logic will dictate that
they will live near the hubs..

>There's no hint of anything residential in the few illustrations -- it's a
>big, glass greenhouse, really.

        Question: Most pics show the farmsats being connected to one another
by a ring -- is this ring a solid construct, or does it contain tunnels and
conduits for power supply and movement of goods and people?

        It makes sense for people to be able to go to another farmsat
without having to suit up every time. Given the apparent size of the farmsat
and ring in illustrations, it's possible to have some form of passageways
within the ring.

        If nothing else, we can have one of those roadside noddles stores
for the workers.. after all, they do have to eat, right? (^_^)

>The colony sizes are fixed in one dimension: the diameter is determined by
>the number of revolutions per minute.

        So you are saying that there is a fixed minimum size.. but what
about a maximum size? What will be the diameter of a cylinder designed to
rotate at 1/4 RPM?

        (BTW, you might want to include this -- it's not obvious that there
is a correlation between RPM and cylinder diameter..)

>The only problem is that there's a fixed ratio of length to width in
>a cylindrical habitat..
        Uhm.. is there a particular reason why the length must be of a fixed

>Under normal circumstances, the mirrors would all move in unison, but they
>wouldn't move in or out. They'd be tilted or warped along their long axes,
>deflecting the sunlight away for the "night" hours and moving the Sun's
>reflection east-to-west across the ground panels during the "day" hours.

        So, the colony's mirror "wings" don't move -- they are stuck at 45
degrees permanently, but the mirror itself can be adjusted for various
lighting conditions. A heliostat arrangement seems more reasonable, since
you'll need to warp the mirrors anyway.

        This will almost mean that the wings will detach on a drop. I was
under the impression that the wings can be retracted, to close up the cylinder..

>As I recall, Texas Colony turned into a wasteland because the mirrors got
>stuck fast and it became eternal daytime.

        Permanent dawn/ dusk, IIRC.

>I must say that I've always had grave reservations about a single
>mirror. A phased array of smaller mirrors makes much more sense and a
>series of concentric prisms makes better sense than does any configuration
>of mirrors.

        Makes sense. A single mirror will need major repairs if something
like an MS smashes into -- or through -- it. A bunch of smaller mirrors or
prisms can localize the damage, be more easily repaired, and the individual
mirrors can be adjusted to compensate for the loss of some mirrors.

>They'd do better to strap on fusion rockets and boost both colonies into
>intercept orbits,

        I guess animating 2 cylinders rotating at 4 RPM is really a chore
for the 0083 anumators then? (^_^)

>All the critters that kept Old MacDonald in meat, eggs, and dairy

        Fish? Since it's a gravity environment, it's possible to grow fish
in the farmsats too, right?

        As for beef.. wasn't the Texas colony designed as a Wild West kind
of theme park? (Theme park might be a bad choice of words..) Cattle will be
common there, logically.

        Maybe each cylinder in a side is specialized to breed certain
livestock beyond its subsistance level. This would promote trade -- and
hence movement of population -- between colonies and Sides, right?

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