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>> Helldiver. The Brocken is pretty okay too, so long you paint it in
>>camo. I still like the Type Zero most. =)
>Actually, the one I'm thinking of isn't the Helldiver. I don't know the
>name, but the only time this one appeared was in the 2nd movie.

        Oh, which one is that? The one the JSDF were using in the South-East
Asian country (can't remember which..) or the remotes used in the tunnels?

        (The 2nd movie is an excellent show...)

>> Why stop here? Swap both shoulders into spiked shoulders. Use
>>putty to shape curving horns on the center spike. Find some cabling to build a
>>electro-rope. Voila! A MG prototype Gouf! (^_^)
>Got to find the right shade of light blue paint tho.

        Never found a good reason why the Gouf has to be blue. =) Still,
that shade of blue isn't that difficult, even if it is a bit off.

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