Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 6 Jun 2000 23:00:54 -0700

>Yeah...must be those designs. They should have made kits of some of the
>cooler mecha in the show, such as the Guncannon-like thingy.
>I hope the fact that Turn A was'nt a huge sucess has'nt discouraged Bandai
>to not make any more Gundam. From what I've heard, the show actually is
>pretty good, if different from your average Gundam show.

I dunno about good, but it's definitely different... kill'em all Tomino
doing a low body-count series.

>I personally think
>the mecha designs pretty much killed the show from day one.

Wait until you see some of the truly wacky characters...

>I think if there
>is a new series, we'll probably see more Traditional Gundams, with the mouth
>slots and the V-fin above the head, along with the little yellow heat vent
>things on the chest.

*Runs and ducks from flame-breathing "open-minded" "samurai-style Gundam is
dead" types.*


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