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Jason McLawhorn wrote:
> I extremely doubt that they are 2 inches tall. 1/220 scale would probably be for MS's that are economically infeasable in 1/144, 1/100,
or 1/60 scale. 1/220 would be used for the biggest of the big MS's. An
example woud be the in scale Big Zam from MSiA it's a 10" MA in a series
of 4" MS. Just imagine Big Zam in 1/144 or 1/100 scale, it would be
> Jason

Actually, they make quite a few regular MS's in 1/220 scale. I first
noticed them popping up in Hobby Japan and Model Graphics about the time
0083 came out. There were suits from 0080, 0083, I think there were
even a few CCA suits (but I'm not completely sure on that one). I was
going nuts 'cuz the price was like 5800 or 6800 yen each - WAY out of
reach for my poor budget (at least, for such a small item - especially
in the quantities I wanted).

        Trevor in Irvine

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