Brett Jensen (
Tue, 06 Jun 2000 09:02:01 -0700

> Hrmm.. even though I do see your point about grossly marked up items, I
> always thought that customs on consumer goods are different than
> business/commercial goods.

That's what I thought, but my friend was buying Cels to resell, and the guy said
"no duty." One of my friends declared about $6000 (at least) worth of stuff! I
had $2500, so we were all well over the duty free alottment.

> But importing cd's from japan for $3 is kinda
> weird since most cd-singles start at about 950 yen minimum.

I was talking about "Like new condition" used CDs I bought a boatload myself at
fujiya in Nakano for $3 each. They were good CDs too. I was with the overly nice
guy who picks up stuff for the ungrateful store owner. It's kinda funny, but
used CD singles were the same price as used CDs.

---Brett Jensen

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