Jason McLawhorn (Gzilla2000@webtv.net)
Tue, 6 Jun 2000 21:56:37 -0400 (EDT)

Yeah, I don't like the prices either on a lot of the kits but I give in
buy them anyway 'cause I just gotta have my Gundam kits.


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> Chris Beilby wrote:
> Yes but that's the part that's BS. i'm so sick of those greedy bastards.
> guy who owns a local store here tried to sell me a rayearth Pencil board
> $16. he paid $1 for it. (I know the guy who got it for him in Japan.) I
> laughed
> in his face.
> he also gets CDs for $3 and sells them for $30, BTW there is no customs on
> LDs, CDs, books, models or Cels, at least not the two times I went to
> (and I bought alot) Postage is pretty cheap
> too if you ship it home via slow route.
> It's rotten to stick it to people just because something is temporarily in
> high
> demand. IMO, they should never charge more than $10 for a $500 yen kit.
> ----Brett Jensen
> >>
> Yeah I was in Chinatown (In Chicago) a couple weeks ago and happened upon
> store selling Gundams, and the prices weren't overly ridiculous until I got
> to the PG Gundam Cuzstom Set 1 going for $60. And there were no perfect
> grade kits for sale. I feel sorry for someone who buys it thinking they
> getting an actual kit, especially at that price...
> Jason

There's a lot of places around here (the bay area) that sell gunpra, and
they're all way overpriced. Still, I break down and frequent them when I
just can't wait to get my fix. :) But some are just way overpriced... $35
for a F91 kit??

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