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<< Maybe the figures will have nifty gold parts or something. I wonder if the
 Wing MSIA will be molded in soft-vinyl like the rest of MSIA or in plastic.
 I'm also wondering if the Wing Gundam figure that comes with the Zeta
 assortment in Japan will be the same type as the one in America... >>

  I don't think the MSiA's are released in assortment like American toys are,
as HLJ has the Zeta in, but no Wing MSiA's. If it was in an assortment with
the Wing MSiA's(In Japan) wouldn't HLJ list them as well as the Zeta? I
remember the Gogg was release by itself, with no other MSiA's. Yes, there is
a MSiA Zugock, but the Gogg came out a little bit after the Zugock.

  From going to AnimeNation and reading the article that was posted here, the
figures are part of a promotion with the DVD's. So, its probably nothing more
then a promotion to promote the DVD's and doubt the figures will be anything
special. I've seen so called "special" offer figures being the same as the
normal figures in just a different package or sometimes in the same package,
just with a sticker saying it was part of a promotion. I wouldn't get too
concerned over this. It could also be to get more interest in figures among
people who will buy the GW DVD, but not the figures. Its anyone's guess as to
what's going on.

The first GW DVD is out, but the GW figures aren't due until July for a US
and Japanese release. So, maybe its to generate some excitment for the actual
release of the figures?


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