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Thanks Mark. I went on a Gundam comic binge about a month ago- buying
up everything I could find and "Under the Gundam" was one of them.

I also got Moon Crisis, Outer Gundam, Gundam Generation 4, 3 issues
of SD Club, and the two issues of Comic Bon bon's Turn A. (I take it
there are two different turn A comic serializations?)

Anyway- could I get a synopsis of Moon Crisis and Outer Gundam?

Also- Double Zeta-Kun is my favorite SD gundam comic. Is the complete
story available in a compilation?


>Richard Holman writes,
> > Somehow, and understaffed construction team comes under attack by a pirate
> > with neo Jion connections named Annie. The hero consistently
>defeats her with
> > just a work suit, he becomes her obsession, she has to defeat him with more
> > and more powerful suits she tries, until she finally hends up with a Zak
> > variant called the capitalist buster. The hero ends up with a
>semi military up
> > greade of the work suit and still defeats her.
> Not quite. Basically, our heroes are the civilian staff of Monotone Mouse
>(a colony corporation contractor) and the Federation factory ship Arahas.
>Hero Dary has a "Gundam" worker mobile suit he built out of junk parts,
>which Araha later reconstructs as a genuine combat mobile suit. The initial
>enemy are Colorde, a terrorist group armed with leftover Axis hardware;
>rival Annie is one of their top pilots. It eventually turns out that the
>idealistic Colorde are being manipulated by another organization, Char's
>still-forming Neo Zeon, and ultimately Annie joins forces with our heroes to
>beat back the Neo Zeon advance forces. Everybody lives happily ever after.
>-- Mark
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