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Chris Maier asks,

> I stumbled across these two Gundams while looking throught the mecha
> domain....anybody know what they are exactly and how they fit into the
> timeline? I posted an inquiry about this a while ago, but no response.

  The Gundam Pixie is from the video game Cross Dimension 0079... that was a
Super Famicon game, circa 1995. For the most part the game is a replay of
the original Gundam story, but after you win there's a shorter original
story. Here, you play some guy named Bork Kurai, the Gundam Pixie pilot,
taking on Zeon's Wolf Gar team and their Efreet (the predecessor to the
souped-up Efreet Kai in the Blue Destiny game). The Pixie is a ground combat
version of the Gundam, similar in concept to the RX-79[G] from 08th MS Team,
but it's not clear what the relationship is between these Gundams.

> The D-Gundam story(Double Fake)seems
> to take place around ZZ Gundam and Char's Counterattack.

  Yah, circa UC 0090.

Richard Holman writes,

> Somehow, and understaffed construction team comes under attack by a pirate
> with neo Jion connections named Annie. The hero consistently defeats her with
> just a work suit, he becomes her obsession, she has to defeat him with more
> and more powerful suits she tries, until she finally hends up with a Zak
> variant called the capitalist buster. The hero ends up with a semi military up
> greade of the work suit and still defeats her.

  Not quite. Basically, our heroes are the civilian staff of Monotone Mouse
(a colony corporation contractor) and the Federation factory ship Arahas.
Hero Dary has a "Gundam" worker mobile suit he built out of junk parts,
which Araha later reconstructs as a genuine combat mobile suit. The initial
enemy are Colorde, a terrorist group armed with leftover Axis hardware;
rival Annie is one of their top pilots. It eventually turns out that the
idealistic Colorde are being manipulated by another organization, Char's
still-forming Neo Zeon, and ultimately Annie joins forces with our heroes to
beat back the Neo Zeon advance forces. Everybody lives happily ever after.

-- Mark

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