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Steelfalcon has been sans updates for a couple years now.. i and some
friends tried an abortive attempt to consolidate all known
Palladium-based Macros mecha (cannon and fan-fic) into one site for use
by our on-line RPG and were going to use our own up-dated versoins of th
originals (wit all proper credit given ot Dave and others of course) but
it fell through due ot apathy, theo only feed-bakck i got from people on
weather or not shich VFs needed updating to be more in-line with the
animatoin and resources about the animatoin was with power-gamers
wanting us ot re-design the VF-11 (which all our pilots are assigned off
the bat, nobody gets Vf-19s or 22s or whatever without gaining some
experience first) into an AVF wannabe.. even suggesting technologies
that were never seen in Macross

Richard Holman wrote:
> >BTW, I helped Dave with some of those stats too, so if you are complaining
> about it...
> >
> Is Dave still doing any of these, I tried to e-mail him with a question, but
> the addy on steelfalcon doesn't work, there was a rumor that he had a new
> site, OR was joining with Battle 7 Flight Deck to make a super eite with
> updated stuff, Battle 7 has been under construction for a couple months, so
> it is easy to believe. Have you had any e-mail from Dave lately???
> >Oh, and this really doesn't have anything to do with Gundam, so maybe it
> would be better taken elsewhere?
> >
> >
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