Roland Thigpen (
6 Jun 2000 20:55:13 -0000

On Tue, 6 Jun 2000 14:43:30 -0600 Richard Holman <> wrote:
>>BTW, I helped Dave with some of those stats too, so if you are complaining
>about it...
>Is Dave still doing any of these, I tried to e-mail him with a question, but
>the addy on steelfalcon doesn't work, there was a rumor that he had a new
>site, OR was joining with Battle 7 Flight Deck to make a super eite with
>updated stuff, Battle 7 has been under construction for a couple months, so
>it is easy to believe. Have you had any e-mail from Dave lately???

I haven't heard from him in over a year now. It's like he dropped from the face of the Earth. Although if I remmeber correctly Neil Baumgardner had some info about him not too long ago. Unfortunately, I accidently deleted all the email from my inbox on this account a couple hours ago, and that message was in with that, so I can't look for it (didn't have the server set up to send deleted files to a trash bin...oops).

And I haven't tried the Steelfalcon addy itself in a while, but I got on the Macross Mecha Designs just now.


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