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Roland Thigpen wrote:
> On Mon, 05 Jun 2000 23:54:33 -0500 Leslie_Rashana <trojan@atoka.net> wrote:
> >Jim Dulhunty wrote:
> >> Anybody remember the Battletech animation?
> >>
> >> Jim
> >>
> >oh dear gods yes, the Centurion with Jump-jets, the Mauler as a FedCom
> >unit, and everybody and their uncles having a Wolfhound
> >
> Don't forget the Banshee Aerospace/atmospheric fighter blasphemy, the Awesome built by Steiner, the Centurion as a common Draconis Combine 'Mech, the Thor with missile launchers on the legs, the continual scaling differences, the fact that the Somerset Strikers find Camelot Command rather than Rhonda's Irregulars, the soap operatic revelation that Franklin Sakamoto was Theodore Kurita's son, and numerous other things that have made some of us BTech fans to label it the Khar'toon.
> The worst part is, FASA has made the whole thing cannon!!! Franklin Sakamoto has even appeared in one of the BTech novels.
> Roland
ugh, i remember that well, and the scenario books that FASA put out
making it cannon.. and don't forget that when in a Dropship in space
wearing elemental armor (forget about how having a 6-foot tall person
suiting up in a power-assisted chassis ment ofor an 8-foot Elemental
wihtout significant modifications will snap so many bones like kindling
when powered-up) your weapons will only blast-through bulkheads when you
want them to.. speaking of power-armor, is it just me or are the Sloth
and the other one i can't remember the name of tow of the most useless
PA types anyhere or what?

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