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I think Breetai is actually the commander of UN spacy during the time of
Plus. Also, the Bridge Bunnies seem to have survived, and I believe some of
them live on Eden.
As for Hikaru and co., they apparentally dissiapeared near Protodevlin
space...but the thing is, I don't think the Protodevlin were even awakened
by that time. BTW, where was their dissiapearence mentioned? I've seen 44
episodes of Macross 7 and there is no mention of Hikaru, Misa, and Minmei
having dissiapeared, except for the fact that their influence has been
Maybe Macross 3D will solve some of the mysteries behind what happened. I'd
also like to know more about where the original Macross came from in the
first place.

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> On Tue, 6 Jun 2000 16:36:34 -0400 Chris Maier <> wrote:
> >It does sort of depend on the pilot. I mean, Emerald Force was composed
> >mostly a bunch of grunts led by Docker, who was pretty much a jerk. The
> >VF-22s, on the other hand, were piloted by some of the best surviving
> >Valkyrie pilots, Max and Millia(Since Hikaru Ichijo was nowhere to be
> >and nobody knows what happened to Isamu)
> I would kinda like to see a series based on what happened to the Megaroad.
We know they lost contact with them when they neared the galactic core, but
what caused this? I mean lost Hikaru, Misa, Breetai (I think), and
Minmei....well, then again, maybe I don't.
> Just kidding, actually, I like the Macross version of Minmei, but the
Robotech version of her was just bad.
> Roland
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