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6 Jun 2000 20:41:54 -0000

On Tue, 6 Jun 2000 16:36:34 -0400 Chris Maier <> wrote:
>It does sort of depend on the pilot. I mean, Emerald Force was composed of
>mostly a bunch of grunts led by Docker, who was pretty much a jerk. The
>VF-22s, on the other hand, were piloted by some of the best surviving
>Valkyrie pilots, Max and Millia(Since Hikaru Ichijo was nowhere to be found,
>and nobody knows what happened to Isamu)

I would kinda like to see a series based on what happened to the Megaroad. We know they lost contact with them when they neared the galactic core, but what caused this? I mean lost Hikaru, Misa, Breetai (I think), and Minmei....well, then again, maybe I don't.

Just kidding, actually, I like the Macross version of Minmei, but the Robotech version of her was just bad.


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