Richard Holman (
Tue, 6 Jun 2000 14:33:51 -0600

    .The D-Gundam story(Double Fake)seems to take place around ZZ Gundam and Char's Counterattack.
     Any info?
    This may not be perfect, but I am not able to read Japanese, I think the Gundam Project has more info, but Double Fake Under the Gundam, is a manga that features the D suit, the MWS (mbile work suit or possibly Monotone work suit) is a construction unit by the Monotone Mouse Corp.
    Somehow, and understaffed construction team comes under attack by a pirate with neo Jion connections named Annie. The hero consistently defeats her with just a work suit, he becomes her obsession, she has to defeat him with more and more powerful suits she tries, until she finally hends up with a Zak variant called the capitalist buster. The hero ends up with a semi military up greade of the work suit and still defeats her. It appears to have a lot of humor, and it does have a differnt art style, very stark and minimalist, butI like it.

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