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> > 7) Char in the Sazabi vs. Zechs in the Epyon Gundam
> Hee hee. Another easy fight. Char hason his side: a) cool factor b) a much
> better MS c) the fact that he's the original d) newtype-ness vs Zechs who
> ... uhh ... well he has a Z in his name.
> Saaaazzaaaaaabbbbiiiiii wins :P
> > 8) Char in a Gelgoog vs.
> Zechz in the Tallgeese III >
> >
> Hmm even considering the different universes and the relative strength of
> MS's in them, the Tallgeese is a much better suit. But again, Zechs is
> neither a newtype nor does he have Char's badass potential.
> The way I see it, the average grunt pilot in Wing is only slightly more
> skilled than the average monkey. As such, Zechs would only need to be an
> average pilot to destroy them en masse. Since you never see a grunt pilot
> do anything requiring creativity or intelligence in GW, I think we can
> justify this claim. So Char swoops in, grabs the TGIII's beam rifle flies
> away and drops Zechs right there. Death to the pretender =)

*sigh* might as well get it overwith (warning: potential flamewar in the
granted the writers made Zechs with a Lot of similarities to Char to
help reel-in fans of the original series.. dosn't make it fair to
dismiss him out-of-hand for being "not-Char" .. i personally like Zechs,
he seemed to have a more serious demeaner han the Char i saw in the
original MSG movies.. plus he has way cooler hair :)
as for hsi piloting abilities.. remember that Zechs did most of his
fighting agasint the Gundams and Mobile Dolls.. and held his own at the
very least.. he even got Heero to ditch his Gundam using only a severely
out-classed Leo mobile suit.. and took-out a good many mobile dolls with
their supiroor reaction times and weapons and armor (beam cannons and
Gundanium/planet defensors Vs. Dober Gun and Titanium) before being
forced to abandon it and switch to Wing Zero

how about another challange
Char in Nightingale Vs. Zechs in Epyonw/2 Virgo IIs

hmm, know what i'd like to see?

Black Trinary in Rick dias Vs. Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton in Mercurius &
Chang WuFei in GP03 Vs. Anavel Gato in Wing Zero custom
Duo Maxwell Vs. Monsha in GMs :)

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