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Chris Maier writes,

> Following what I wrote about the Doms, I'm trying to follow the evolution of
> it's more abundant predecessor, the jolly green giant known as the Zaku.

  Actually, I should mention that I'm reworking my site's MS Clasics page as
an honest-to-gosh evolution flowchart, which should be a treat for genealogy
buffs. :-) But in the meantime...

> Prototype Zaku-Zaku I-Zaku II-Zaku III-Geara Doga(according to
> the doga is technically the Zaku IV, and it looks like it,
> so I've listed it here)

  Too hard to trace the Geara Doga's lineage - there's probably some
influence from the Axis mobile suits in there too. And the Zaku II-Zaku III
connection is more complex than that. Here's the first part of the Zaku
family tree, before it branches out:

  MS-01 -> MS-02 -> MS-03 -> MS-04 -> MS-05A -> MS-05B -> MS-06A -> MS-06C

  After the C type, the Zaku family splits into land, sea, and space
branches: The MS-06J is the land version, the MS-06F is the space version,
and the MS-06M is the ancestor of all Zeon's amphibious mobile suits. Other
direct descendants of the C type are the MS-06E Zaku Recon (which leads to
the MS-06E-3 Zaku Flipper) and the MS-06S version used by Char.

  Also, the MS-06V Zaku Tank and MS-06W Worker Zaku are kitbashed from every
available type of Zaku.

> Land-based variants:
> Zaku II(J-type)Gouf prototype-Gouf

  The J type also spawned the MS-06D Zaku Desert Type, the MS-06K Zaku
Cannon, and the apocryphal MS-0G version. The YMS-07A Prototype Gouf was one
of two proposals for a successor to the J type; the other was the YMS-08A,
and the two designs were ultimately merged into the YMS-07B. (I'll stop
before we get into the Gouf and Dom family tree.)

> Water based variants:
> Zaku II-Zaku Mariner-Accquay?

  The MS-06M Zaku Marine Type is based on the C type; renamed MSM-01, it's
the ancestor of the MSM-03 Gog, from which all the other amphibious types
descend. The Zaku Mariner, as its RMS prefix suggests, is a new design
created by the Earth Federation after the end of the war.

> Experimental types/fieldbashes:

  Think of this part as the space branch of the Zaku family. We start with
the F type (including the Fs type, a minor variant with head vulcans), and
then get a bunch of different attempts to upgrade it. On the one hand, we
have the F2 and FZ types (according to the MSV Collection File, the FZ is
based on the F2). On the other, we have the famous High Mobility Type, whose
evolution goes like this...

  MS-06RP -> MS-06R-1 -> MS-06R-1A

  After the R-1A, Zeon's developers decided to create all-new mobile suits
rather than keep upgrading the Zaku. Custom-built Zakus were used as
testbeds for these new models; the MS-06R-2P was created as part of the
MS-11 project (later changed to MS-14, i.e. the Gelgoog), and the MS-06RD4
was a testbed for the Rick Dom. When the MS-11 project was restarted, the
developers took the R-2P testbed and turned it into the R-2, a competitor to
the Rick Dom; afterwards, one of the R-2 prototypes was used as a testbed
for the Gelgoog, and was informally designated the MS-06R-3 Zaku III.

         MS-11 --------------------------------> MS-14
              \ /
  MS-06R-1A -> MS-06R-2P -> MS-06R-2 -> MS-06R-3 ----------> AMX-010?

  As the above diagram shows, the R-1A type was adapted into the R-2P
testbed as part of the MS-11 project. After a failed bid for mass
production, the R-2 type went _back_ to being a testbed for the relaunched
MS-11 project, which yielded the Gelgoog. The guy who wrote all the MSV
text, where the R-3 was first described, later created the AMX-010 Zaku III
for the ZZ series, and he's said they're pretty similar. So I'm pretty
confident that the later Zaku III is related to its legendary namesake.

  The MS-11 Acht Zaku is a mystery; nobody agrees whether it's a spinoff of
the original Gelgoog project, or an unrelated mobile suit that inherited the
vacant model number. (A common practice - see below.)

What else? Well, there's the MS-06Z Zaku Psycommu Test Type, based on the F
type; one unit was remodeled into the legless MSN-01 version, which spawned
the MSN-02 Zeong. (As an aside, the Z type was another testbed, created for
the MS-16 project; later, this project was given the MSN prefix, and the
Xamel inherited its old model number.)

  There's also the Hizack. This is supposedly based on the F2 type, since
the Federation captured a bunch of them at Granada after the war.

-- Mark

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