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> It has been a here are a few that sprang from my head:
> 1) Norris in a Gouf vs. Noin in a Gyann
Well, as much as I like Noin, for all the talk of her being an ace pilot,
only superceded by Zechs, did we ever really see her doing anything that
Compare that to the asskicking Norris laid on the 08th and the Guntanks
they were protecting ... I think any time you have a pilot that perfectly
suited to the MS they're piloting, they're going to win. Norris wins.

> 5) Kou in the GP01Fb vs. Shiro in the GP03
I'm assuming you just mean the GP03 MS, not the armor? Even then, I still
give the edge to Shiro since he has shown himself to be a resourceful
and at the very least, a capable pilot.
> 6) Amuro in the Nu Gundam vs. Camille in the Zeta Gundam
No contenst. The original newtype in a suit thats what, 6 or 7 years
newer? Amuro takes him down. Hard.

> 7) Char in the Sazabi vs. Zechs in the Epyon Gundam
Hee hee. Another easy fight. Char hason his side: a) cool factor b) a much
better MS c) the fact that he's the original d) newtype-ness vs Zechs who
... uhh ... well he has a Z in his name.
Saaaazzaaaaaabbbbiiiiii wins :P

> 8) Char in a Gelgoog vs.
Zechz in the Tallgeese III >
Hmm even considering the different universes and the relative strength of
MS's in them, the Tallgeese is a much better suit. But again, Zechs is
neither a newtype nor does he have Char's badass potential.
The way I see it, the average grunt pilot in Wing is only slightly more
skilled than the average monkey. As such, Zechs would only need to be an
average pilot to destroy them en masse. Since you never see a grunt pilot
do anything requiring creativity or intelligence in GW, I think we can
justify this claim. So Char swoops in, grabs the TGIII's beam rifle flies
away and drops Zechs right there. Death to the pretender =)

> The Entire Federation fleet versus two Borg cubes
> Have Fun!!!!!!!!
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