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From: "Brett Jensen" <heero@earthlink.net>
> Chris Beilby wrote:
> > D: The dealer's markup (proportionally higher for the high demand) so
> > store makes a profit...


> he also gets CDs for $3 and sells them for $30, BTW there is no customs
> LDs, CDs, books, models or Cels, at least not the two times I went to
> (and I bought alot) Postage is pretty cheap
> too if you ship it home via slow route.

Hrmm.. even though I do see your point about grossly marked up items, I
always thought that customs on consumer goods are different than
business/commercial goods. But importing cd's from japan for $3 is kinda
weird since most cd-singles start at about 950 yen minimum.

> It's rotten to stick it to people just because something is temporarily in
> demand. IMO, they should never charge more than $10 for a $500 yen kit.
> ----Brett Jensen

that's true. the stores here all charge about 1.4 or 1.5 times the original
price. So for a first grade kit of 300 yen, i'd be paying about $8
(canadian mind you!) which is about $5 - $6 american. but the thing that
sucks is that all HG kits are sold for the same price (which is also a good
thing for expensive kits) and they do mark up a bit more for newer kits cuz
they ship by UPS...

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