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OK this will be my last message on this subject:

Chris Beilby wrote:

> Exactly, Joaquin. Guys, if you're going to spend all your time bashing
> people on this list who simply are trying to make people aware of one of the
> rules of the list and why it exists, then you need to get a flipping life!

Whoa, there son. Nobody bashed anybody on this list. my only comments where
about the free speech issue. (aimed at the stupid liability law) and the
legality of owning scripts for PERSONAL USE.

> By the way, do you guys think that the creative staff of Gundam should be
> paid for their work? If so, then realize that for every fansub out there,
> that is that much less money that gets to the creators... You are taking
> the money out of their pockets by distributing fansubs. THAT IS WHY THE LAW

Get off it man. I've spent over $5000 on Gundam stuff in the last 8 years, yet I
have some fansubs, so what. Bottom line is how do you know you wanna plunk down
$500-$1000 to import a show if you've never seen it! Now that certain Gundam
shows are available in the US, the situation changes somewhat, but Until Zeta is
announced I see nothing wrong in watching the fansubs. Have you spent $700-1000
buying the Zeta LD boxes?

> Don't get me wrong. I have my own collection of fansubs... BUT I DON'T

No need to yell, sheesh. I agree with that, I only disagree with the idea that
making a sub for personal and club showings is video piracy.

END TRANSMISSION (and hopefully thread)

---Brett Jensen

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