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At 19:10 06/05/2000 MST, Blackeagle wrote:
>To me the Zaku has allways represented the ultimate in 'grunt' mecha. The
>dark green paint scheme, the menacing look of the monoeye, all combine to
>create an air of brawny menace.

        I like the Zaku mostly because it *looks* the part of a military
machine. The GM (especially 0080 versions) are fine, but I still get fits
(sometimes) when I consider the RX-78 Gundam as a military machine.

>For comparisom, the only thing that comes close is the tribarrel armed
>labor from Patlabor 2.

        Helldiver. The Brocken is pretty okay too, so long you paint it in
camo. I still like the Type Zero most. =)

>Maybe I'll have to get another MG Zaku and see what putting shields on both
>shoulders looks like.

        Why stop here? Swap both shoulders into spiked shoulders. Use putty
to shape curving horns on the center spike. Find some cabling to build a
electro-rope. Voila! A MG prototype Gouf! (^_^)

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