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Chris Beilby wrote:

> D: The dealer's markup (proportionally higher for the high demand) so the
> store makes a profit...

Yes but that's the part that's BS. i'm so sick of those greedy bastards. the
guy who owns a local store here tried to sell me a rayearth Pencil board for
$16. he paid $1 for it. (I know the guy who got it for him in Japan.) I laughed
in his face.

he also gets CDs for $3 and sells them for $30, BTW there is no customs on
LDs, CDs, books, models or Cels, at least not the two times I went to Japan.
(and I bought alot) Postage is pretty cheap
too if you ship it home via slow route.

It's rotten to stick it to people just because something is temporarily in high
demand. IMO, they should never charge more than $10 for a $500 yen kit.

----Brett Jensen

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