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Tue, 06 Jun 2000 10:28:39 MST

>It has been a here are a few that sprang from my head:
> 1) Norris in a Gouf vs. Noin in a Gyann

Noin's a pretty good pilot and she's got the better MS.

> 2) Ma Kube in a Dom Tropen vs. Treize in a Gelgoog J


> 3) Scrirocco in a Zaku III vs. Bright Noah in a Powered GM
> 4) Hayato in the Crossbone Gundam vs. Ryu in the Victory 2 Gundam


> 5) Kou in the GP01Fb vs. Shiro in the GP03

Shiro, easy. He's got one of the most overpowered gundam machines ever AND
he's fighting Kou!

> 6) Amuro in the Nu Gundam vs. Camille in the Zeta Gundam

Amuro. Original newtype in the miracle machine Gundam.

> 7) Char in the Sazabi vs. Zechs in the Epyon Gundam

Char. The original allways beats the imitator. In this case he's also got
the better MS.

> 8) Char in a Gelgoog vs. Zechz in the Tallgeese III

Tougher here. I think the Talgeese's a better MS than the Gelgoog, but I
still have to give it to Char because of his skills.

> The Entire Federation fleet versus two Borg cubes

Hmm. The borg cubes can adapt and regenerate, but if the Feds play there
cards right, they can beat them. Since a Borg cube has a lot of empty space
in it's innards, the Federation could penetrate the hull with some MS and
cut them to bits from the insides with beam sabers.

>Have Fun!!!!!!!!
>SEIG ZEON!!!!!! HEIL GIREN!!!!!!!

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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