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Stormtroopers???? I can't see that connection!

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> << > Actually, a Zaku reminds me of ancient gladiators.
> That's an interesting statement. I find that most of the mobile suits
> me of very stylized Shogun era armor from ancient Japan.
> They really seem to draw from that heritage allot in most every robot
> they do.
> I mean... think about the fact that most mobile suits look so good with a
> sword. If they didn't have some hints of past armor, they'd look out of
> place carrying such an ancient weapon.
> The Zaku though, seems to me like a mix between a Shogun and Roman empire
> suit of armor, if that makes sense. So the designers do seem to pull from
> other sources as well. But a Gundam (especially a Zeta or 178) screams
> Shogun armor to me.
> What does everyone else think? >>
> werent gundams based off Stormtroopers? i think someone said that a looong
> time ago...
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