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<< > Actually, a Zaku reminds me of ancient gladiators.
 That's an interesting statement. I find that most of the mobile suits remind
 me of very stylized Shogun era armor from ancient Japan.
 They really seem to draw from that heritage allot in most every robot series
 they do.
 I mean... think about the fact that most mobile suits look so good with a
 sword. If they didn't have some hints of past armor, they'd look out of
 place carrying such an ancient weapon.
 The Zaku though, seems to me like a mix between a Shogun and Roman empire
 suit of armor, if that makes sense. So the designers do seem to pull from
 other sources as well. But a Gundam (especially a Zeta or 178) screams
 Shogun armor to me.
 What does everyone else think? >>

werent gundams based off Stormtroopers? i think someone said that a looong
time ago...


"The first principle of the Shinsengumi is that it is unworthy to deviate
from the warrior's path. A warrior does not know how to flee before the
--Saitou Hajime

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