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> a walking tank? macross destroids come a lot closer
> to "walking tanks" than gundam's humanoid mechs. a
> guncannon or guntank (doh :P) comes closer to that
> than a zaku. a zaku is a pit fighter, enough said.
> >
> > Of course, I must admit that the shoulder spikes are
> > a bit much. The L
> > shaped shield armor on the other shoulder is much
> > more effective. Protects
> > the vunerable arm without obstructing it's movement.
> >
> > <Chris stops, goes over to his MG Zaku and pulls off
> > the shoulder spikes and
> > shield. He notes that the attachment point on each
> > arm is identical>
> > Maybe I'll have to get another MG Zaku and see what
> > putting shields on both
> > shoulders looks like.
> i had that idea. :) if the MG zaku fz ever comes
> out, i'll go and get it (would be my first and only
> zaku) and strap on two shields. or maybe get a second
> and strap it on with two shoulder spikes (i don't
> believe i'll be able to get a second shield :P).
> i guess it's the asymmetry that gets to me. and the L
> shaped shield...*shudder*>

Now if they were to make a MG Geara Doga, that would something. Image it
with 2 of it's shoulder shields or spikes. Next to the Zakus, the Geara
Dogas are my favorite MS's.

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