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Tue, 6 Jun 2000 08:02:47 -0400

Yeah... they did look kind of bland, but I think that's because the Gundams
are so flashy.
Personally, I really like the Aries and the Virgo. Even though the Aries is
mostly cannon fodder, I really like that design. Those huge jets on the
shoulders are really cool!
And the Virgos near the end of the series, are pretty beefy looking dudes. I
think if those had been piloted instead of computer controlled, and not been
relegated to cannon fodder, they would have been a good fill in for the
Although.... I still think the Zaku ROCKS!
The mono-eye is much more sinister than the full light-up faces on the OZ
mobile suites.
Then again.... when they picture a horde of Virgos coming out of the smoke
as huge dark shadows with lighted red eyes, they really look like they
should kick butt!
Just my opinion though! :-)

Jeff C

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> "Enriquez, Eric" wrote:
> > Well......
> >
> > I can tell you that I have seen only 5 episodes of Wing and the 3
> > Waltz episodes and to my eyes, I still like the look of Zeta much more
> > Wing.
> Is it just me or do the grunt suits out of Wing look pretty crappy?
> just look to me very generic. Very undistinctive. I think the series
> needed a Zaku, or even a Dortress (SP?) out of X to spice up the very
> look of the Oz suits. I've only seen the above too, so maybe they get
> Have fun,
> Al
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