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Hate it when computers crash... I lost the original message too. Anyway,
working from memory...

- where were Heero and the gang while G-Unit was taking place?

  they were fighting their own war and didn't know what was going on at
  the industrial colony MO-V. MO-V was under embargo by OZ after they
  found out MO-V was developing their own Gundam technology, and given
  that inter-colony communication was almost non-existent, few knew
  MO-V was under siege from a Romefeller-endorsed OZ faction.

- Shouldn't they know about asteroid drops and the other Gundams?

  G-Unit takes place shortly after OZ "liberated" the colonies from the
  former Earth Sphere Alliance, before the Romefeller Foundation revealed
  themselves and took over from OZ. The MO-V embargo lasted throughout
  the duration of the remainder of the Wing TV series and concludes around
  the same time as the end of the TV series (during the final battle, the
  arrogant bad guy pilot said only Treize deserved to fight him, and went
  bonkers when he received news that Treize died on the battlefield). The
  "other Gundams" were acknowledged by way of references in the dialog.
  As for the Libra crash on earth, they probably could have cared less,
  since the bad guys here were crashing another huge spaceship on earth

I think that pretty much covers it...


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